Wall Plaques

Wall Plaques
All carvings below are hand carved and signed by Northwest Native Artists.

Herman PeterJoe CampbellBaker
Connie & Dora EdwardsDavid LouisVan Joseph and Albert Joseph
Harvey JohnLarry JosephHawk Plaque by Eddie Apodaca
Eagle Plaque by Doran Lewis
Raven Plaque by Bradstarr Haisla - Tsimpshian
Killer Whale Plaque by William Watts
Blue Heron Plaque by William Watts- SOLDBald Eagle by William Watts
Eagle by William Watts
Wolf Plaque by William Watt
SOLD - Salmon Plaque by William Watt
SOLD - Salmon Plaque by John C August
SOLD- Red Salmon Plaque by L. Scow
Salmon Plaque by Fred Baker
Salmon by Cody Mathias Coast Salish
Killer Whales and Sea Serpent Plaque by Russell Williams
SOLD- Grizzly Bear- Raven- Moon Face by Russell Williams
SOLD- Eagle by Delmar Joseph
Thunderbird by Tom William
Eagle and Bear by Larry Joseph - Squamish Nation
SOLD- Eagle by Craig Voisin
Eagle by William Watts
Heron by Craig Voisin
SOLD - Wild Man of The Woods by William Watts - Coast Salish
Bear by Jim Charlie - Squamish Nation
Eagle by Larry Joseph
Kwakiutl Copper Shield Eagle by Tim Alfred
SOLD- Frog Spirit by Russell Williams - Coast Salish
Raven Head by Brad Joseph
SOLD - Grizzly Bear Power Spirit by  Jim Charlie, Squamish Nation
Eagle Panel by Myron Barnes
Eagle and Whale Panel by Myron Barnes
SOLD- Frog by Les Happer
Bear By William Watts
Bear and Whale by Brett TideringtonEagle and SalmonRaven - SOLD
Whale by BrettSOLD- Bear and wolf by R. Krawchuk
SOLD - Hawkman by William Watts
Whale by Charles August - 131663
Eagle by Jim Charlie - SOLDEagle and Bear By Jim Charlie - Squamish Artist
Icons Of the Northwest Native by Daren Yelton
Killer whale By Brad Starr