Wall Plaques

Wall Plaques
All carvings below are hand carved and signed by Northwest Native Artists.

Herman PeterR. KrawchukBaker
Connie & Dora EdwardsDavid LouisVan Joseph and Albert Joseph
Harvey JohnLarry JosephThe Best Of Yukie Adam
SOLD - Eagle Plaque by Craig VoisinRaven Plaque by Craig Voisin
SOLD - Eagle Head Plaque by John C August
SOLD - Loon Plaque by Richard Krawchuk -Squamish BCBear Plaque by R Krawchuk Squamish BC
Eagle Plaque by Doran Lewis
Raven Plaque by Bradstarr Haisla - Tsimpshian
Killer Whale Plaque by William Watts
Bald Eagle by William Watts
Eagle by William Watts
Wolf Plaque by William Watt
Salmon by Cody Mathias Coast Salish
Killer Whales and Sea Serpent Plaque by Russell Williams
Thunderbird by Tom William
Eagle by William Watts
Heron by Craig Voisin
Bear by Jim Charlie - Squamish Nation
Kwakiutl Copper Shield Eagle by Tim Alfred
Raven Head by Brad Joseph
Eagle and Whale Panel by Myron Barnes
Bear By William Watts
Bear and Whale by Brett Tiderington
Eagle and SalmonWhale by BrettWhale by Charles August - 131663
Eagle and Bear By Jim Charlie - Squamish Artist
Killer Whale Plaque by Brad Starr
Eagle Plaque by Brad Starr
Salmon Plaque by Brad Starr
Raven Steal the Sun Plaque by Brad Starr
Salmon Plaque by John August
SOLD - Seal Plaque by John August
Hawkman and Eagle Plaque by John August
SOLD - Raven and Killer Whale Plaque by John August
Sold- Salmon Plaque by John AugustSOLD - Killer Whale Plaque by John AugustBeaver Plaque by Brad Starr
Killer Whale Panel by Tom Hunt
Flying Raven Plaque by G. Matilpi
SOLD- Bear Plaque by G. Matilpi