Salmon Cycle

Salmon Cycle
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.Image size: 5.4”x5.4” – Finished size: 10”x10”.

.Single mat: Raven black w/black core and v-groove.

.Comes complete with backing and hanging hardware.

.Framed in a black satin finished metal frame

.All our mats have acid free backing.

.About Artist: Joe Wilson was born in 1967 into the Cowichan Tribes Native Band and was raised in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada. His interest in art began in elementary school and when he was in grade 12 he made his own silkscreen print editions. Joe first began selling his carvings at age 17 at a local Koksilah Hills store. Since 1984 his work has reflected his search for his own cultural identity in Coast Salish art.

.Salmon Cycle is my modern interpretation of the traditional style of Coast Salish salmon. The flowing circular “appendages” from their dorsal and tail fins represent the eternal life cycle that keeps renewing itself yearly. Notice that the male has four ribs and the female has an abundance of eggs in her belly. Try to recognize the other differences between the male and female. The salmon are a very precious source of food for many in the world, however, today their habitat is becoming endangered. It is now time for us and our future generations to step-up and recognize the importance for the survival of this precious species.

This Art Card is an Unframed Matted version. Larger Limited Edition available. Please ask for details.